At first I thought it was a cold, because the weather has been so fickle the last few days, but I had to face the fact that it wasn’t, but probably viral strep throat running through my baby. He got away with an overnight adventure at 9 months: high fever and dry cough, throat red but in a good mood the next day. I, on the other hand, could barely stand from the third day, sneezed, had a full face and forehead, a sore throat and a terrible coughing fit. Antibiotics were out of the question, I was breastfeeding. I tried all kinds of pharmacy remedies and vitamins but by the third day my condition was getting worse rather than better. When I was almost crying from nervousness, tiredness and pain, that I could not take it anymore, that I could not cope, a friend of mine suggested VitaHelp. I resisted at first, I don’t have time for this, unless they work miracles, then leave me alone even with this. She promised me they would almost work miracles. I am ashamed, and with these few lines I am also trying to apologise to them, because I called them in irritation, in total scepticism, in a noble simple way: “I’m in a coma, I was promised by a friend that you people could work miracles. You have an hour, because that’s all the time I have.” On the other end of the phone, the lady on the other end of the line calmly and kindly asked me to share the mortuary part with her and let her know if they could really work a miracle. They called me back and after discussion with their professional manager, they recommended the so-called Vital Space Therapy, saying I would feel better after just one treatment. Hahaha – I thought to myself. ‘Sick. I was sulking through the treatment, not to mention I was able to rest for an hour in a deep alpha that I hadn’t had in months… And by the afternoon I was feeling better on a scale of 10 to 7. By the next day my nose was windy, I could breathe, my coughing was minimised and all my muscle aches were gone. I couldn’t believe it. The treatment really worked wonders for me in just one hour, and I’m writing these few lines to you to see if you’ll let me in for another treatment despite my unacceptable style at the time due to the virus… ? Of course, my writing is absolutely shareable ? Thank you for your help!

(Adrienn, 41)

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