Human regenerator

The medical basis of the treatments is a technology born from 18 years of research and continuously improved technology and a premium device that exerts a pulsating magnetic effect on stem cells at their most optimal vibration level. Another special effect is the ionising effect, which is pleasant to the touch even during treatment, optimising the mitochondrial energy supply to the cells and replenishing their energy deficiency. Cellular energy deficiency is a well-known phenomenon in medicine, which also occurs in cases of illness and exhaustion. A simple and evidence-based solution can be the replenishment of energy deficiency, which can be done safely, simply, without any intervention and without pain.

The Human Regenerator Professional uses two extensively researched new technologies: ECR© (Electromagnetic Cell Regeneration) and HIP© (Hyper Ion Plasma indication).

This makes HRP a unique regenerative tool in therapy, therapeutic support and regenerative and preventive medicine worldwide. Both technologies work through the electrical generation of specific electromagnetic and ionic fields, coupled with programmed, cell-sensitive frequencies that generate regenerative processes at the cellular and molecular level.



Have you gone through the COVID infection and are finding it hard to pull yourself together? You too can benefit from the BodyRegenerator which triggers the body’s self-healing processes, strengthens the immune system, speeds up healing and can prevent complications.

Effects on musculoskeletal diseases

BodyRegenerator can regenerate inflamed joint surfaces and synovial fluids by improving circulation. It treats and cures musculoskeletal diseases and their associated pains (arthrosis – osteoarthritis – osteoporosis) by improving circulation and by its powerful anti-inflammatory action. Its effects are rapid and even a few treatments can make a noticeable difference.

It increases stamina and concentration and stimulates blood flow in the body.

Increases blood viscosity and circulation to improve concentration and performance. The device delivers millions of pulses in a fraction of a second to improve the body’s circulation by opening small blood vessels.

This powerful microcirculatory enhancement is logical and provides a solid foundation for improved performance. During the treatment, many capillaries and vasculars are opened that cannot be opened to this extent by movement or other forces. Lymph flow is also significantly increased, which is accompanied by a parallel improvement in venous circulation. This effect ensures rapid oxygen exchange, which is the basis of all living organisms. The human regenerator works against blood clotting while optimising blood viscosity. Platelet adhesion is significantly reduced. It increases the permeability of cell membranes, so that information is transmitted more quickly in an oxygen-rich medium.

Strengthens the immune system

It has a powerful effect on the whole body by stimulating the immune system at a cellular level, which can lead to a healthy, vigorous life. It is important to emphasise the means to optimise the effect on blood sugar levels, which is a very complex process.

Effect on injuries

Stimulates the regeneration of connective tissues and muscles, legs and bones, thus giving athletes the opportunity to return to work at the earliest possible time. Shortening recovery time is one of the greatest demands of our time. It has a major impact on improving quality of life.

Effect on anxiety, stress, burnout

Reduces stress, anxiety, panic and depression.

Anti-ageing (anti-aging)

The device increases the production of collagen in the tissues and strengthens the structure of the connective tissues of the skin. Regular use of the device can prevent the natural and physiological loss of water from the skin, which is a natural consequence of ageing. Remember to drink plenty of fluids every day if you want to detoxify. Please continue to drink plenty of fluids after the treatment to achieve the desired effect.

Balanced, healthy, deep sleep

(Chronic insomnia)

Eases and deepens breathing during sleep. All this results in a relaxed, energised wake-up feeling, so you can start the day with a full and active mind. But this is not surprising, as a good blood supply provides a good basis for this. It can support breathing by dissolving secretions in the maxillary sinus. It can be a serious help in allergies.

Helps the regeneration of nerve cells

Shortens the recovery time after surgery. May help damaged nerve cells regenerate. The healing of nerves is usually a slow process. Usually 1 mm per day can be regenerated. It takes about 100 days to regenerate 10 cm of damaged nerve. Larger nerves usually take several years to regenerate. After injury or surgery, the device can significantly shorten the recovery time.

It affects all bioenergetic processes in the body

It optimises the body’s metabolism and has a positive, stimulating effect on cell division. This is very important, because if the process is slow, the decomposition of old elements is prolonged, but a fast process does not give enough time for the cells to progress. The technology developed through long and successful research ensures an optimised effect in promoting metabolic selection.

Relieves acute and chronic pain

Performance enhancement for competitive athletes (legal doping)

To improve mental, cognitive and physical performance.