Smoking cessation support programme

We are delighted that you have decided to take such a big step, and that you are enlisting our help. We will do our best, but we also need your cooperation!

Breathing is an everyday part of our lives, a natural process that we are used to and take for granted, and we don’t bother with it as long as it works properly. Breathing controls our vital functions, blood circulation, the motor function of our internal organs and affects our physical and mental perception. Although it is an automatic process, it is important to pay attention to its quality. The VitaHelp Health Centre’s smoking education programme helps you to harness the potential of your breath.

Most people know that smoking is harmful and increases the risk of serious illness.

Fortunately, the development of smoking cessation techniques is now becoming increasingly important. The experts at our health centre can also provide effective help.

If our body does not get enough oxygen, the oxygen content of our cells decreases. This reduced oxygen supply is the cause of many diseases. Smoking can contribute to increased stress in the human body, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Smoking weakens our immune system, which eventually leads to viral and bacterial infections, allergies, premature ageing and chronic diseases.

How the treatment is going:

– Please do not smoke for 2 hours before the test.

– Have a cigarette with you (necessary for the treatment)!

The programme is as follows: in the first 15-20 minutes, the machine runs a test using electrodes. You will then have to smoke a cigarette and bring the butt back.

The second part is the treatment itself: this takes about 20-25 minutes.

Neither the test nor the treatment involves any discomfort or pain.

As part of the first treatment, you will also be given a herbal preparation called NAC, which can help you through the first (and usually more difficult) days. Our therapist will give you detailed information about how to take this during your treatment. If necessary, we can repeat the treatment twice a week, in which case the test is no longer carried out at the beginning, only the treatment protocol is repeated.

All other tips, tricks and advice will be explained by our colleagues during the treatment, easing the difficulties of quitting.

Once you have successfully quit, we will recommend our detoxification cures for the future, helping the body to fully regenerate and regain its inner balance.

Price of the programme: 33.000 Ft