Bulging tummy programme

“The world begins again with every child…”

Do you want to prepare yourself for having children?

Today, women give birth to their first child between the ages of 27 and 32. So, to ensure that couples don’t run out of time, problem-free conception is a particular focus. Our Bubbling Belly Programme offers help from the moment the decision to expand the family is made.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more common, especially among women, to prepare for having a baby (with medical tests, vitamins, medicines, etc.) before the “baby project” starts, but it is also very important how this preparation is done.

  • Are you looking for security and want to provide the best for your future child?
  • Do they want to leave the big turning point in their lives to chance?
  • Are they active, goal-oriented and open to different natural, scientific processes?
  • Do they want to know their bodies and their emotional processes?
  • Do you have all the conditions in place, but you are still waiting for your child to arrive and need a gentle “nudge”?

How can VitaHelp help?

At our health centre, we help mothers and fathers-to-be prepare their bodies naturally for having children. Our non-invasive tests can identify, among other things, possible inflammations in the body, problems with the hormonal system, which are very important factors for planning a baby.

Diagnostics can also reveal hidden problems that may not have been detected or may have been detected too late. Treatments are carried out using gentle devices that use the latest discoveries in quantum medicine, and achieve the desired results without side effects or pain.

To help restore and maintain our hormonal balance and the health of our body, we offer a range of natural, artificial-free vitamins and supplements, including multivitamins specifically designed for women, men and pregnant women who are planning to have children.

Phases of the Bloating Tummy Package:

  1. Destroying parasites from the body of the prospective parents.
  2. Assessing and improving the body’s vitamin and mineral balance, eliminating inflammatory processes.
  3. Restoration of connective tissues, slimming, trauma relief, and restoration of mental balance.
  4. Restoring hormone balance.
  5. Supplementary advice for easier conception.

In addition, the links between family planning, pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle will be presented.

Fertility professionals can also be involved and consulted. Our tailor-made and personalized topics allow for high-quality information and improve the chances of conception:

  • provide couples with advice on healthy eating and lifestyle management;
  • We also include infertility treatment options if needed; (Read our article on supporting male fertility here.)
  • we place a strong emphasis on ways to de-stress, actively relax and achieve harmony, which will help couples to enjoy a relaxed baby-making experience.

Health for a lifetime

Personalized use and follow-up are particularly important in conditions such as conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also need to take into account the interaction between the products and any medicines used.

There are many offers in the media to help you get pregnant, but are we able to choose the ones that are most important for our body, in time and space?

What guarantees consistency of quality, what are the side effects, what is the right dose and what is the combined effect of the active ingredients?

There are tables, but they rarely take into account, for example, gender differences, and the possibility of overdosing must be taken into account, because not only deficiencies but also surpluses can occur if someone starts taking supplements uncontrolled on their own.

In the VitaHelp Health Centre’s Bulging Tummy program, our specialists use non-invasive technologies to detect abnormalities and propose personalized treatments and therapies to help achieve lifestyle reform. Through personal experience, the guidelines come to life and health becomes a natural way of being for the unborn child.