Instrumental spinal examination

The method is the brainchild of an engineer from Hungary, who transferred a technique long used in aircraft manufacturing to medicine.

The spinal nerves exiting from a vertebral body mesh with nerves in a particular part of our body, so slipping vertebrae or putting pressure on a nerve exiting the spine can lead to a malfunction of internal organs.

The instrument analyses each part of the spine (cervical, back, lumbar and sacrum) separately. The therapist then selects the vertebral segments to be corrected and, if possible, treats them immediately with a personalised correction technique or an alternative treatment method such as massage.

The selected areas of the spine can then be reassessed to compare the conditions before correction/treatment with those after correction/treatment. It can be used to treat headaches, hernias, joint problems, trigger point binding, back pain, back pain, nerve impingement, limb numbness, muscle fever.

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