Pulse diagnostics

The test measures the general condition of the biorhythm (nervous system) during 300 ECG beats, and can also show

  • about the biological age of your body,
  • our daily energy levels,
  • energy production and use,
  • fluid balance,
  • the digestion-absorption ratio,
  • quality of sleep,
  • stress levels,
  • and the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

The regulation of the autonomic rhythm determines, for example, the efficiency and functioning of digestion, but it also basically determines the rhythm of all our organ systems and coordinates their functioning. The method can be very useful for a quick analysis of current challenges and life situations in everyday life, and how these influences affect our own inner rhythm.

It can also be useful during the rehabilitation period after a possible sports injury, when physiotherapy, corrective or drug treatment is applied, and its effects can be monitored.