With the help of our specially trained horses, the main areas developed during our training sessions are self-confidence, self-awareness, attention, creative problem solving, cooperation and communication. Of course, we always focus on the whole person, as these are not separate and distinct parts of our functioning.

We have trained our horses to never, under any circumstances, pose a threat to humans, but to maintain their freedom of choice. No intimidating or mechanically controlling devices are used during training. Each person must find their own common voice and their own solutions.
Our exercises with the horse are done from the ground, so you can apply for our trainings without any basic horse riding skills.

The sessions are mostly based on outdoor exercises. Our programmes are tailor-made, their duration and topics can be outlined in a consultation at a pre-arranged time, depending on the goals set.

Natural Lifemanship

Natural Lifemanship is a way of life, an art of living. At the heart of a Natural Lifeman’s behaviour is always a love and respect for life. He is steadfast in following his own insights and values, even when it is the hard way. He is able to be effective in a spirit of tolerance, understanding and cooperation. He trusts himself and stands up for his right to be himself, as others do. He feels and understands his own functioning, knows what he needs for his own balance. Never hurts others because of his own tensions, seeks solutions to problems that build on them. Can find his place in the world, does not engage in unnecessary power conflicts. And most importantly, he can do this because he is comfortable in his own skin!

The HAHET trainings offer support in the spirit of Natural Lifemanship on the path of self-awareness and development.

Personalised price.