Our screening packages




We are assisted by specialists in internal medicine, paediatrics, traditional Chinese acupuncture, naturopaths, kinesiology, psychology, cosmetology, oncology, gynaecology and rheumatology, as well as other specialists necessary for the treatment of patients, in order to carry out our work conscientiously, professionally and in accordance with the philosophy of our title.

All this is based on the holistic – whole person – principles of integrative medicine, which allows for a planned detoxification of body and soul, restoring the body’s natural harmony and restoring its self-healing abilities.

The body’s disharmony is detected through a number of interrelated tests, including non-invasive blood analysis, pulse diagnostics, ECG, biofeedback testing.

The diagnosis is made by comparing the results of the various tests, on the basis of which our specialists draw up a therapeutic proposal and lifestyle advice to ensure that health is not just a temporary state, but a permanent one.

The range of therapeutic methods is constantly expanding: in the VitaHelp Health Centre, in addition to the services based on the energetics of the human body, non-invasive and biofeedback technologies based on the body’s electromagnetic vibrations, the various magnet therapies, mechanical and manual massages, psychology and kinesiology are also available. In addition to the treatment packages, it is of course possible to design individual therapies or simply to purchase one of the many products we have available at the centre.

One thing is for sure: at VitaHelp you will always find a friendly environment where you can enjoy a glass of refreshment and a pleasant, relaxed and smiling welcome.