Vitamin measurement without blood sampling

Vitamin measurement without blood sampling

with personalised suggestions for filling in gaps

The summer is a great time to replenish your body’s stores of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements from natural sources through increased consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Unfortunately, the nutritional content of processed fruit and vegetables is now far from meeting the body’s needs, so supplementation from external, preferably natural sources is essential.
Our experience has shown that organic plant extracts provide the best absorption of nutrients, which is why we have selected our products. Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to replenish months or years of depleted vitamin D reserves even with a good sunbath, so high doses of vitamin D from the right source, in the form of a good quality food supplement, are essential.

Taking vitamins is not a matter of fashion, but a necessity to bridge the gap between actual and ideal vitamin blood levels. We do this by taking accurate, blood-free biofeedback measurements to ascertain the actual blood levels of each vitamin, and we have a complete range of personalised formulations containing all the essential vitamins to make up for any deficiencies we find.
The test will indicate individual deviations depending on the distance from the reference range. Above these values, the possibility of a deficiency status arises. Where many values deviate from the norm, the parameters with the highest values are given preference.

The price of the test includes a consultation/evaluation of about 30 minutes.