Straight spine

“Flexible spine = long life” (Chinese proverb)

Our “Straight Spine” program is for you, if you are:

Strive for health and want to live your life without pain;
You are conscious and believe in prevention;
You are goal-oriented, open to different natural and scientific methods;
you want to know and take care of your body and understand its processes.

Unfortunately, in the daily chase, we ‘do our best’ to develop musculoskeletal problems: monotonous work, frequent bending, forced work, heavy physical work, the proliferation of computerized jobs, and even stressful working environments all contribute to joint damage. Despite this, many people try to live with the pain rather than seek professional help as soon as possible.
We give you all this with our spine program!

The elements of our Straight Spine package:

Health Assessment
The precise and personalized results of this will determine the intensity and structure of your spine program. In addition, the diagnostics can also point out hidden problems that may not have been detected or may have been detected too late. The tests are painless and have no side effects.
For long-term results, we also need products that can make up for our body’s deficiencies in the most natural way possible. We can help with this too, as our Health Centre sells the finest British and German-made organic products.

Assessment and treatment of the spine with the Spineliner spine machine:
The method is the invention of an engineer from our country, who transferred a technique long used in the aircraft industry to medicine.
The spinal nerves exiting from a vertebral body mesh with nerves in a particular part of our body, so slipping a vertebra or putting pressure on a nerve exiting the spine can lead to a malfunction of internal organs. All of the nerve pathways in the body connect at the spine to the canal that then runs along the vertebrae and collects information in the brain. This “information highway” cannot do its job if the spine is not functioning properly.
Spinal abnormalities can be caused by internal organ, hormonal, circulatory, and even nervous disorders, as each vertebra is a junction point where the nerve pathways from that organ connect, which is why the abnormality of each vertebra helps to diagnose and thus effectively treat the whole body, internal organ problems.

The instrument analyses each part of the spine (cervical, back, lumbar, and sacrum) separately. The therapist then selects the vertebral segments to be corrected and, if possible, treats them immediately with a personalized correction technique or an alternative treatment method such as massage. The selected areas of the spine can then be reassessed to compare the conditions before correction/treatment with those after correction/treatment. It can be used to treat headaches, hernias, joint problems, trigger point binding, back pain, back pain, nerve impingement, limb numbness, and muscle fever.

In addition, as required by the therapy: special spinal massages, PAPimi treatment, laser treatment, and light therapy – for which we can offer a variety of rental options on request.

The price of the program depends on individual needs.