VitaHelp Ladybirds

Optimally, our bodies are at their healthiest when we are born. We are exposed to many viruses and bacteria when we are in the community. We pick up the bad dietary, lifestyle and other harmful habits of those around us and society, increasing the chances of weakening our natural defences and putting us at risk of disease. This is why we consider prevention from childhood to be of the utmost importance.
Children are very susceptible, if they don’t learn bad habits, it is much easier to teach them the right way than to wean someone off bad habits years or decades later.
At VitaHelp Health Centre, we take responsibility and care to develop a pathway for parents to grow healthy children into healthy adults.
The core of our program is to develop a healthy lifestyle, strengthen and support the immune system and “educate” health-conscious young people and adults.

What does the training of the ladybirds consist of?

We have created three different program packages, which can be tailored to your needs, based on a pre-consultation or a Complex Screening Test at the start of the program.
The “VitaHelp Cats” program consists of the following elements:

The program also includes education and training of the ladybirds to give them a “road map” for the future. Together we learn about the most important factors of health, good nutrition, the benefits of exercise and why it is important. We do this while playing, having fun and having a laugh.
Parents are given the opportunity to consult with our professional team both during and after the programme, so we can monitor our Katica’s success and health.


If the new Katica does fall ill during the program, we guarantee that the young Katica will be able to participate in an unlimited number of therapies during the program to ensure a speedy recovery!

(This offer applies only to acute illnesses (e.g. colds, flu, other viral illnesses), not to chronic illnesses diagnosed during the programme!)

The price of the programme depends on individual needs.