The Semmelweis University I. Oncology Department of the Department of Internal Medicine.

A significant chapter of his decades-long work in oncology is devoted to prevention, early diagnosis, therapy, oncological rehabilitation and relapse prevention.

In addition to her medical specializations, she has expanded her knowledge by developing pain management, symptomatic management, hospice medicine, nutrition and lifestyle therapies, integrative hypnotherapy, breath therapy, reiki and Vedic life skills. She is also trained in Transpersonal Psychology. She applies a holistic approach to her work, healing the person in their wholeness – striving for harmony of body, mind and spirit.

At the heart of his medical credo is integrative medicine, incorporating ancient knowledge based on thousands of years of experience alongside evidence-based formal medicine.

He is a member of several international and Hungarian scientific societies, regularly publishes in national and international journals, and is a regular speaker at conferences.

He teaches several courses, including oncological rehabilitation, at Semmelweis University in Budapest, both in the field of medical education and specialist training.

General and oncology specialist, clinical chief physician, hospice physician, Gerson therapy consultant.