Zalai-Zempléni Zsófia


My interest in psychology, anthroposophy – in fact, in man himself and how he works – has been a constant throughout my life. Both my medical parents and my artistic parents have helped me immensely to keep my interest in this field alive. I am originally an economist by training and, after completing my studies and gaining practical experience abroad, I worked as a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I have learned a lot about bridging cultural differences, about the diversity of human qualities and relationships, about the importance of good communication and, above all, about the fact that everyone has a certain plus – sometimes hidden – that if you notice it, develop it and use it, you will have a fulfilling life.

“Every human being is unique in his own way, and it seems that the purpose of his existence on earth is to unfold himself. So our task can only be to help him to come down, to arrive, to unfold according to his innermost laws.” (Tamás Vekerdy)

In my daily life and in coaching processes, I have found that ongoing conflict situations have a very strong impact on our mood, on our whole life, simply because we don’t know how to deal with them. Then I came across the mediation method, which had a great impact on me, showing me that it is possible to deal with conflicts in a different way, not only by destroying them or by fighting all the time. As a mediator, I work mainly with couples and family law/child protection cases.

Over the years I have become a happy mother of three special little children. With the arrival of my first baby, I felt the time had come to finally do what I had always wanted to do, to explore how the human soul works, to support people, to find ways to encourage conscious action. That’s how I came across Consciousness Coaching®, which is unique in Hungary, and which I had mastered for several years abroad. During the coaching process, the client becomes able to become more and more conscious, thus having the opportunity to use his inner resources, to bring unconscious inhibiting processes to the surface and to fulfil himself. For more information about coaching, please visit my website:

Recently, I have specialised as a coach for children and adolescents, using a solution-focused coaching method to help them navigate their everyday lives in a playful yet effective way – focusing on their achievements rather than their problems.

In Brussels, I also started working professionally with women who were infertile and then pregnant, preparing them for natural childbirth, as well as maternity relaxation and baby massage. I look forward to welcoming you!

I complement my practice with a variety of natural and alternative therapies, such as Bach Flower Therapy, Access Bars, Acupressure, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, etc., to promote fulfillment and total health.

Following the loss of my child, I trained as a bereavement group facilitator with Magdalena Singer, I run ongoing bereavement groups which can be attended not only by those bereaved by death but also by those who have suffered shock following divorce, redundancy, retirement or other loss. I also provide individual bereavement therapy.

And with the healing method of Recall Healing®, we can understand the emotional causes behind any life situation – be it illness, behaviour or other – and their interconnections in a unique way and from a unique perspective. The method explores the inner contradictions in our relationships with ourselves and with others (be they relatives, friends, acquaintances), and helps us to explore and resolve them to achieve a better quality of life.

I have experienced many lows and highs, and I feel each step has been for me, for my personal development. I believe that no one and nothing could have relieved me of my tasks, and no one could have brought me relief but myself. I realized that it takes a lot of letting go, taking responsibility, and above all, love to live a fulfilling and happy life. In this I would like to be a companion to all those who put their trust in me and honour me with the privilege of having me as a companion at some stage of their lives.