After starting my career in obstetrics and gynecology, I was introduced to naturopathy at the MORA Institute in Budapest, so I was early to find an effective balance between academic and alternative/complementary medicine.

I became the head of the postgraduate program in Health Care Management (MSc) at Semmelweis University, where I gained experience in various methods of knowledge transfer in the framework of university higher education and (international) adult education.

Later, as Deputy Director General of the National Blood Service, I became acquainted with the practice of managing a national institute and its integration into the health care system, and I understood a lot about why Hungarian, European and even world health care works the way it does.

Currently, in Dr. Ilosvay’s practice, I am back to the roots, to the elementary interpersonal relationship between doctor and patient, in which I am trying to synthesize all the knowledge I have acquired at the most different levels of Hungarian health care (academic and alternative). I am convinced that without a thorough knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of these levels, it is difficult for the doctor-patient to be a good guide through the maze of possible healthcare treatments, products and services.

My guiding principle is always to strike a delicate balance between the safety of classical medical thinking and the richness of natural medicine. And my most important activity is to bring my fellow human beings who have fallen “between two stools” back to the appropriate level of health care (academic and alternative) through an optimized patient pathway.

I am honoured to have been asked by VitaHelp Integrative Health Centre to assist their work as a professional leader.

The current diagnostic and therapeutic palette of the Centre provides an ideal basis for a truly holistic approach to patient care. I would like to strengthen, optimize and standardize the referral of patients to the appropriate specialist care levels and update the current natural medicine methods available with new procedures that can complement the Centre’s preventive approach so that it can be at the forefront of innovative techniques.