Berta Bihari

I’m Berta Bihari, I’ve always been attracted to the preservation of health and the treatment of imbalances, and ways I could contribute to the state of we existing in a space of lightness instead of problems. I started on this journey during my time at home with my children. I studied naturopathy, nutritional knowledge, health maintenance and the treatment of imbalances. With the Access Consciuosness toolkit, I bring closer the feeling of knowing that they have all the knowledge, that we are able to tune in to what works for us. I have experienced that when we give our bodies everything that supports them – we eat healthy, exercise properly, consciously pay attention to our thoughts… – but still the lightness does not come, then we start to turn to ourselves and tune in to our body’s messages. When we follow the energy, not the mind, we can experience what is possible beyond what we have decided is possible.

I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of applied healing techniques.