Adrienn Mosó

Operational Manager

My mother’s illness shocked me when I was in high school. Somehow I couldn’t grasp how serious what she was struggling with was because she took it so lightly – as she did life. What hurt me the most about her illness was that she had little time with us, her family, but we could see her slowly getting herself back, blossoming again!
Once, in connection with a recurring illness, he took me with him to Moscow to see his doctors. The doctors back home declared me a hypochondriac, and even accused me of faking my recurring feverishness, because none of my lab results showed any illness.
Tests outside immediately revealed that I had probably brought home a tropical virus from New Zealand, which was the cause of my strange, unidentifiable symptoms. After several weeks of treatments and special cures, they disappeared without a trace.
My mother, after her recovery and return home, decided to introduce the Eastern integrative methods she had learned in Russia to the Hungarian people and to bring a paradigm shift to the health care system. This is how VitaHelp started.
As the Centre started to expand, my work became more and more needed. I graduated as an economist from BME-MBA in finance and human resources. My core responsibilities at VitaHelp are process management, coordination and planning, as well as marketing and finance.

I believe in the butterfly effect: I believe that if we can help anyone to change with VitaHelp, we can change their immediate environment, and that the immediate environment becomes a wider environment. Awareness of both our own health and the environment will then become more and more predominant in a wider and wider circle, so that the world can become a better place.

I would like to see a much greater symbiosis between all living beings on Earth, respecting each other, and I would like to see the term “EGO” replaced by “ECO”!

I try to set an example; I love animals, I believe in the power of animal therapies (I try to strengthen this profile in our company: I help “my little ones” as a volunteer, as president of the Futrinka Association), as much as my civilization limits allow, I protect my environment, I live healthy, the health of myself and my environment is important, more people must learn to breathe with nature.
You could call this my mission, I see only one way to change the world: to educate the new generation! We need to show that it is possible to live a quality, healthy life without sacrifice, that it is possible to live in harmony with nature without further damage, and that the current processes can be reversed!
This is what we are trying to give everyone within VitaHelp!